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Traffic is dynamic,
your decision-making should be too.

Traffic in your browser

RoadTwin offers an online web application for transport modeling. Because the solution is fully server-based, there are no user-side requirements apart from a web browser with an internet connection.

This creates an opportunity for a city or a region’s government representatives to test various traffic scenarios within seconds without installing and learning how to use desktop traffic modeling software or contacting traffic engineers every time new roadwork appears in the region.

Video demostration of our Web App can be found here.

Client cities

RoadTwin’s solution is aimed at any city or region that wants to make data-driven decisions regarding traffic. To help with such decision making we offer a simple but robust way to visualize past, current, and future traffic scenarios.

The city of Pilsen (Czechia) is currently using the RoadTwin solution to its fullest potential.

About our technology

RoadTwin solution is built upon Traffic Modeller library, a server-based solution for regional traffic modeling that allows city or region planners to change various network parameters and see the effects of those changes in traffic flow in near real-time.

This allows RoadTwin to integrate Traffic Modeller into our web application.

More about Traffic Modeller technology can be read on the project website here.


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