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Take a look at the projects we have already been involved in and get inspired.

Americká Plzeň

Verifying the impact of city street calming

The impact of planned reduction of individual traffic on the Americká street (Pilsen, Czechia) was simulated before the introduction of the measure using the traffic model of the city of Pilsen. The predicted impact and its comparison with reality was thus monitored on the basis of the model and sensor data. Read more here.

Americká Plzeň

Scheduling of closures

The always-accessible traffic model is well suited for coordinating traffic closures. This allows the city to estimate the impact in advance and plan the distribution of closures over time efficiently.

Americká Plzeň

Input for noise modelling in the DUET project

It doesn't always end with a traffic model. Sometimes traffic volume and flow speed are just inputs for other analytical tools. Thanks to the modularity of our solution, for example in the EU Horizon 2020 DUET project, our calculations were followed by a simulation of noise emitted by car traffic. You can read more about the DUET project here.

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