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RoadTwin combines state-of-the-art computational algorithms for traffic modelling and a user-friendly environment.

Scheduling of closures

Not sure how a water main rebuild or road reconstruction will impact your town? With RoadTwin, you can easily model such hindrances. You will be able to choose the option with the least impact and prepare for it in time.

Urban planning

If you are considering traffic calming in the city centre or expect an increase in traffic due to new construction, you can test these traffic interventions in advance with RoadTwin. You can change the parameters of the road network as well as the incoming traffic at junctions.

Data provision

Sharing data outputs with RoadTwin is easy. You can share the dynamic visualization of traffic situation directly using a link. And if you want, connecting to other systems can be handled through our RoadTwin API.

Documentation of traffic volumes

Need to document number of vehicles for a study, report or grant application? Now you can easily pull them directly from your traffic model without the need for additional services.

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